Corner Drains for wetrooms

A corner drain could be perfect drainage option for your wetroom. The drain grate or top will be away from the normal standing area, tucked away in a corner giving an uninterrupted showering area. The wetroom corner drain is available in two flow rate options.


Purus Corner Drain

Corner drain including NOOD (no odour trap)

Flow: 60 lit/min or 30 lit/min (52mm deep).
Visable size: 290mm x 290mm x 410mm
(315mm x 315mm x 440mm overall size).
Grating choice: Steel / tile insert or twist.

Grids to go on wetroom corner drain

Gradio Corner Drain Gradient Board

Gradio Corner Drain Gradient forming board

The Gradio Corner drain gradient board to suit Purus corner drain. Profiled wetfloor deck for tiling. Compound gradient runs in two directions ensuring positive flow to corner drain. Kit includes assembly adhesive.

  • Thickness 13mm to 33mm.
  • Size 1200mm x 1200mm, easily reduced to size.
  • Excludes Purus corner drain.