Wall Drains for wetrooms

A wall drain allows a total uninterrupted wetroom floor. The gulley remains fully accessible via the vertical flush mounted cover plate.

Wall Drain Chrome Cover

Wall Inlet Drain Gloss Chrome Cover

Brushed stainless wall drain cover

Wall Inlet Drain Brushed Stainless Steel Cover

White cover for wall drain

Wall Inlet Drain White Cover

Tileable cover for wall drain

Wall Inlet Drain Tile Insert Cover

Geberit Wall-inlet Channel Drain

Spaciousness and elegance account for the appeal of wetrooms. As the drain is often the only visible feature, Geberit’s philosophy is to turn it into an aesthetic masterpiece. Now these sleek drainage channels and clever, understated drain designs are available in four finishes: Gloss Chrome, Brushed Stainless Steel, White, or a bespoke drain cover that can be fashioned from a tile of your choice (tile insert).

  • For timber or concrete floors.
  • Flows 50 litres per minute.
  • Length 240mm.
  • Cover plate flicks off for trap cleaning.
  • Concealed wall frame H50 (500mm wide) needs cavity depth of 110mm within the wall.