Loungers for Steam Rooms & Spas

Three styles of loungers all perfect for steam rooms, spas, poolsides or gardens. Stable and waterproof glass fibre mesh coated high density foam cores. Can be supplied with embedded water or electric heating for the ultimate in luxury.

tiled lounger for steamroom or spa areas

Loungers for Steam Rooms, Spas and Pools

  • Ideal for Steam rooms, Spas, Poolside or Garden.
  • Incredibly robust, made from high density polystyrene foam with a polymer modified cementitious screed over a glass fibre mesh face.
  • Compressive strength of 300kPa.
  • Ready to tile.
  • Waterproof.
  • Factory fitted heating system option.
  • 7 Day lead time.

Heated or Standard Loungers

The Wetroom Innovations loungers are available with or without heating options. Heating options are supplied with Electric or Water heating elements embeded in the surface coating giving reliable even heat to the tiled surface.

Electric Heated Lounger

electric heated lounger

Water Heated Lounger

electric heated lounger

Lounger Styles

Three styles are available, all can be standard, water heated or electric heated. Options and Dimension below.

Devon Lounger

Devon lounger details

Dorset Lounger

Dorset lounger details

Somerset Loungers

Somerset lounger details