Reinforcing Tapes, Corners & Collars for wetroom tanking

Tanking jointing tapes, corners and collars are used in conjunction with the primer and liquid tanking compound to give a reinforced seal to joints and corners. These form part of the Wetroom Innovations Kits and are available as separate items to ensure the installer has everything he needs to complete mor complex designs.

Waterproofing tanking joint tape

Joint Tape, Corners and Pipe Collars for Tanking

High strength matting compatible with the Wetroom Innovations liquid tanking compound. The compound soaks in to the fibres to form a homogenous reinforcement.

Tanking Joint Tape

100mm x 10m

Tanking Corners

Internal 130mm x 130mm x 90mm
External 130mm x 130mm x 90mm

Tanking Pipe Collar

100mm x 120mm

1 litre bottle of tanking primer fluid

Tanking Primer

1 litre

Purus Square Floor Drain Gasket

425mm x 425mm Cut hole on site with scissors