Tile Backer Board (TBB)

Tile Backer Board is a cure for many tiling problems. It is lightweight but strong and extremely stable, making it a perfect surface to tile over. For normal use it doesn't need tanking (although joints should be taped and sealed). On the wet areas of floors and walls it should be tanked to comply with BS5385.

Tile backer board various thicknesses

Backer Board/Bath Panels/Fixings

Top quality backer boards, our board has the correct hard surface that cannot be pierced with a finger nail.

The Tile Backer Boards are made from extruded foam with a weight loading of 30 tons per sq. metre. This gives us the confidence to permit use of tiny (25mm x 25mm) mosaic tiling. The maximum point load per tile is 18.7Kg per 25mm x 25mm tile giving customers peace of mind that the tile will not sink into the underlay.

Tanking kits for tile backer board here

Tile Backer Board / Construction board


Superior hard flexible surface. EPS extruded insulated core with polymer cement skins. Creates a sealed wetroom when taped with FLEX tape. Also used as insulant for UFH, tile backer for poor substrates and as a general building board.

Tile Backer Board sizes:

4mm 1200mm x 600mm
6mm 1200mm x 600mm
10mm 1200mm x 600mm
12.5mm 1200mm x 600mm
10mm 2400mm x 600mm
12.5mm 2400mm x 600mm
20mm 2400mm x 600mm
30mm 2400mm x 600mm
40mm 2400mm x 600mm
50mm 2400mm x 600mm
60mm 2400mm x 600mm

Tile Backer Board curved


Curved Tile Backer Board size:

20mm thick, 1250mm x 600mm (bends to any radius)

Tapered Tile Backing Board


See Boards for accurate wetroom gradients for full details.

TAPERED BOARDS (sloping) sizes:

20mm to 8mm, length 600mm, width 1200mm, gradient 1:50
20mm to 8mm, length 1200mm width 1200mm, gradient 1:100
20mm to 8mm, length 1200mm width 600mm, gradient 1:100

Marmox sound board


Advanced tile backer board containing thermal insulation, waterproofing and a reduction in impact noise. 2mm synthetic rubber facing is bonded face down onto timber, plywood or concrete using High-Grab adhesive (see below). 20 decibel reduction across both thicknesses.
Thermal conductivity 8mm 0.039 W/mk (R value 0.23)
Thermal conductivity 12mm 0.035 W/mk (R value 0.34)

Marmox Sound Board sizes:

1250mm x 600mm x 8mm
1250mm x 600mm x 12mm

marmox tape


10 metres

Metal fixing dowel for TBB to breeze block


For fixing TBB onto breeze blocks. Hammer fixing.

80mm x 10mm diameter

plastic hammer dowel for fixing tile backer board

Hammer Dowel Fixing for TILE BACKER BOARD

High grap polymer adhesive


White 290cc cartridge, 6/box or singles

Bath Panels from Tile Backing Board

BATH PANELS made from Tile backing Board (30mm TBB)

C/w adjustable feet, easily cut to size.

Bath panel sizes:

Front only 2100mm x 600mm
Front and end 1700mm x 600mm, 730mm x 600mm

Corner 90 degree angle section Tile Backer Board

CORNER ELEMENTS angle section of tile backer board

90° angle, 20mm thick. For boxing in soil pipes, squaring up misaligned walls and covering steps (see also 4mm TBB for steps with minimal added thickness)

TBB Corner element dimensions:

2600mm x 200mm x 200mm