Marmox (rigid foam underlay) Showerlay 360 wetroom kits

Ten sizes and shapes of foam cored wetroom formers ready to fit on to a boarded floor. This is the best selling, budget type of wetroom kit complete with 360 drain for flexible plumbing options and complete tanking kit.

marmox showerlay 360 wet room kit

Showerlay 360 Unique Drain Features

  • New versatile drain swivels through 360 Degrees.
  • Adjustable grid height for different tile thickness.
  • Waste pipe may be fitted horizontally/vertically or any angle in between.

Showerlay 360 Kit Features

  • For tiling only.
  • Wetroom floor former for perfect falls to the drain.
  • Under boarding required for spanning joists.
  • Most sizes 20mm thick at the edges. (see sizes below for exceptions)
  • Easy to cut and trim on site to exact dimensions.
  • Drain hole former ready fitted
  • Showerlay 360 Drain with square grid.
  • Standard drain projection beneath tray in horizontal position = 83mm
  • Supplied with full tanking kit for the most reliable sealing.

See below for sizes available

Why our Foam Cored underlay is so special

  • Made from extruded foam (not agglomerated styrene
  • Density weight load of 30 Tons per square meter.
  • Tiny 25mm x 25mm tiles may be used.
  • Point loading per 25mm x 25mm tile is 18.7kgs.

Why density is important.

Our Underlay Wet floors and Tile Backer Boards are made from extruded foam (not agglomerated styrene particles). As a result the density weight loading is 30 tons per sq. metre. This may sound a lot, but gives us the confidence to permit use of tiny (25mm x 25mm) mosaic tiling. The maximum point load per tile is therefore 18.7Kg per 25mm x 25mm tile and customers can have total peace of mind that the tile will not sink into the underlay.

Note: Beware of competitor products with densities of 12 – 24 tons per sq. metre.

animation of wetroom deck fitted on joists

Extra Tough Skin

Each side of the former is layered with a reinforcing mesh and covered in a continuous layer of polymer cement.

MARMOX Kits c/w Showerlay 360 Drain

The Showerlay 360 drain is specially designed for quick installation under the wetroom former. When the former is fitted the trap is pulled up tight and sealed to the ready fitted hole former.

Showerlay 360 Drain
  • Supplied complete with pipe reducer from 2 inch to 1 1/2 inch
  • 360 degrees swivel for a horizontal outlet, vertical outlet or any angle in between.
  • Standard grate supplied with kit.
  • The height of the grid can be adjusted to suit the thickness of the tiles selected.
  • Solid stainless steel grid

MARMOX Showerlay 360 wetroom kit contents:

1 - Showerlay 360 deck Underlay (requires under-boarding support).
1 - Showerlay 360 drain c/w stainless grid. Adjustable angle outlet.
1 - Pipe reducer 2” to 11⁄2” (50mm to 40mm).
1 - 8k tanking liquid (covers 10m2).
1 - 1 Litre Primer for porous surfaces.
1 - 10m Tape for wall/floor joint and other gaps.
2 - Internal corners.
2 - Pipe collars.
1 - 75mm brush.

Note: The MARMOX Showerlay 360 wetroom kit is not suitable for use with vinyl flooring.

But unlike competitor kits it can be used with 25mm square mosaic tiles.

MARMOX Showerlay 360 Wetroom Kit Deck sizes

Please Contact Us for prices and ordering

Note: All MARMOX formers can be cut down or shaped to fit exact siting requirements.

For other sizes of Foam Cored Wetroom former kits see our PCS range or the DeltaTray Thames range.

Centre Drain Position - Marmox Wetroom Kits

M360-80 centre drain
800 x 800 x 20mm

wetroom former 800 x 800

M360-90 centre drain
900 x 900 x 20mm

Wetroom floor former 900mm

M360-10 centre drain
1000 x 1000 x 20mm

This size also available with offset drain, see below.

shower floor gradient former 1000 x 100mm

M360-12 centre drain
1200 x 1200 x 20mm

This size also available with offset drain, see below.

foam cored tileable wetroom floor kit

M360-15 centre drain
1500 x 1500 x 24mm

1500 x 1500mm wetroom shower area floor drain former

Offset Drain Position - Marmox Wetroom Kits

M360-10 offset drain
1000 x 1000 x 20mm

shower floor with offset drain 1m x 1m

M360-127 offset drain
1200 x 760 x 20mm

1.2m wetroom gradient former

M360-129 offset drain
1200 x 900 x 20mm

1.2m wetroom gradient former

M360-13 offset drain
1300 x 800 x 20mm

sloping floor to offset drain former for wetrooms

M360-12 offset drain
1200 x 1200 x 20mm

4' x 4ft foot wetroom deck kit

M360-15 offset drain
1500 x 800 x 24mm

1.5m x 0.8m large wetroom area floor deck kit

M360-18 offset drain
1850 x 900 x 24mm

big wetroom floor deck former slope gradient