Systems & Boards for accurate wetroom gradients

For large areas and bespoke designs the Wetroom Innovations floor former systems give the perfect gradients to the drain. Accurately forming the correct fall is quick and easy on site task with MEGADECK or Tapered Boards.


Gradients for Wetroom Floors

For smaller "wet areas" in wetrooms a variety of pre- formed decks are available. For larger areas the fall towards the drain has to be accurately created on-site.

Wetroom Innovations' gradient systems allow the installer to perfect the floor quickly and with confidence.

Megadeck wetroom floor forming system


Gradient system suitable for any brand of channel drain. Kit includes 4 tapers 1200mm long graded 8mm to 1mm (can be cut to length), 25k XP-250 and primer with levelling batten. Firrings are trowelled level with grading compound XP 250 (included).

Coverage: 1320mm x 2400mm (1 kit)
1320mm x 5600mm (2 kits)

Add tanking to make a kit.

Megadeck wetroom floor forming system

Tapered Board

Gradients of 1:100 or 1:50 across any length are easy to form with the Wetroom Innovations' Tapered Board. These are made from the same high density foam cored material as the Tile Backer Board (TBB). The completed floor can then be tanked using the Liquid Tanking Compound and tape.

Any Length wetroom floor built with Taper Boards and TBB

Wetroom floor gradients with tapered boards

Taper boards for wetroom floors available size:
20mm to 8mm, length 1200mm width 1200mm, gradient 1:100

Add tanking to make a kit.